Assignment 3: Studio Lighting

The lighting on the subject in this photo is pretty event, except for some highlights on the front. This lighting creates the look of traditional photoshoot lighting, with some shadow falloff on the subject’s body. The lighting in this shot makes the subject look more sinister. The enlarged shadow behind the subject adds to the […]

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Assignment 2: 100 Photos

Top 10 Manual Photos I found the process of taking these 100 photos on manual to definitely be a learning curve. I had never used the manual setting before and was used to using Automatic or Aperture-priority, since I love getting a strong bokeh in my photos. When I first started using the manual setting, […]

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Group Assignment: Tableau Exercise

The members of my group: Richelle Kingsland, Gabriel DeMesa, Mackenzie Girdler, Liam Reid, and Marc Tostevin Story Title: Heartless Description: The story we are portraying in this series is one full of heartbreak and cheating. The inspiration we used to create this story was based on the music video and lyrics from the song Heartless, […]

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Assignment #1 – Self Portraits

I chose the first photo below as my self-portrait because I think it shows an accurate representation of many areas of my life. I took this photo right before leaving for Toronto Fashion Week, and as I’m a style and fashion blogger, Fashion Week is an exciting time for me, so I am dressed in […]

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