Meme Assignment

1. Make a meme from the one photograph voted on 2. Make a one frame serious meme. 3. Make a one frame humorous meme. 4. Make a multiple frame meme 5. Make a gif meme   6. Make a meme of Donald Trump or Justin Trudeau

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Transformations Assignment

Grid Collage Perspective Warp Original Image Warp 1 Warp 2 Warp 3 Warp 4 Puppet Warp Original Image Warped Image I used puppet warp on this image of a tree to create a creepy, fairy-tale tree effect. By warping the branches and trunk of the tree, it gives the illusion that the tree is alive, […]

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Photograph Inspired Collage

The intention behind this collage was to incorporate fashion elements with New York elements to create a Manhattan inspired collage. All the photos are my own, except for the taxi cab in the right top corner. New York is my favourite city, and my second home, so I wanted to incorporate the feelings I have […]

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