Meme Assignment

1. Make a meme from the one photograph voted on 2. Make a one frame serious meme. 3. Make a one frame humorous meme. 4. Make a multiple frame meme 5. Make a gif meme   6. Make a meme of Donald Trump or Justin Trudeau

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Transformations Assignment

Grid Collage Perspective Warp Original Image Warp 1 Warp 2 Warp 3 Warp 4 Puppet Warp Original Image Warped Image I used puppet warp on this image of a tree to create a creepy, fairy-tale tree effect. By warping the branches and trunk of the tree, it gives the illusion that the tree is alive, […]

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Photograph Inspired Collage

The intention behind this collage was to incorporate fashion elements with New York elements to create a Manhattan inspired collage. All the photos are my own, except for the taxi cab in the right top corner. New York is my favourite city, and my second home, so I wanted to incorporate the feelings I have […]

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Stezaker Collages

This collage features a photo of myself, and a portrait of a woman I found online which is based on the Marriage and Betrayal series. The faces are spliced down the centre, but the features are so similar that it still looks like it could be one person. The contrast of the black and white […]

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Group Exercise 3: Minimalism

Group members: Marc Tostevin, Mackenzie Girdler, Liam Reid, Gabe DeMesa, Richelle Kingsland This photo is minimal due to the simplicity of the colours and shapes in the photo. This photo demonstrates minimalism in the division in the photo from the wall and speaker created by the blue light. This photo shows minimalism in the focus […]

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